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our services

Since 2006, Edison has delivered successful Advisory outcomes spanning buy-side, sell-side and Strategy & Transformation programs across a broad range of private client organisations. We specialise in the Consumer & Retail, Food & Beverage, Health & Pharmaceutical and Technology sectors – leveraging our personal experiences as founders, owners and operators of our own businesses.

The 2019 establishment of our private equity business – Edison Growth Fund – reflects a natural evolution into principal investing. We seek to leverage our entrepreneurial networks and shared experience to partner with great founders and their businesses to ensure they fulfil their true potential.

More than anything, Edison is about connection. Connection to the right people. Connection to the right capabilities. Connection to the right capital. Connections that directly reflect the strong relationships we have fostered through decades of shared experience.


it’s about walking the road together

in assisting our clients and partners to achieve their ambitions and fulfill their true potential.

m&a advisory

We bring decades of experience in corporate and financial advisory – assisting our clients’ to plan for the growth that is so critical to value creation. We work on both buy-side and sell-side — with a strong focus on cross-border transactions. We also assist our clients to achieve compelling outcomes through merger and joint venture partnerships.

Our success has been based upon building a clear understanding of each client’s unique circumstances, their market position, and their specific goals and objectives. Our highly experienced team has advised in relation to a diverse set of local and cross-border transactions across a broad array of industry sectors.

Being there for our clients at the most critical point in their business and personal journeys is a privilege not lost on us. We do more than simply help our clients to ‘transact’. We tend to get involved early, well in advance of any transaction. We consider ourselves venture advisors, rather than transaction advisors.

We value the trust our clients place in us as their trusted advisors, which is why developing enduring relationships is paramount.

We recognise that great people build great businesses, and we see it as our purpose to help them fulfil their true potential. It’s about walking the road together in assisting our clients to achieve their vision and fulfil their potential.

strategy & transformation

With more than 50 years combined team experience, Edison delivers deep strategic insight for clients at key stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. We have walked in the shoes of our clients and are well placed to assist them to plan and prepare for the next phases of their business and personal growth.

We recognise that time is scarce and focus is critical. Our strategy and transformation methodologies enable a ‘deep dive’ diagnostic health check to identify the strategic pillars that underpin future success. Assessment of ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ views of people, process and technology enable identification of critical issues, actions and priorities that provide the clarity needed to drive transformative growth outcomes.

We see beauty in numbers – because numbers don’t lie. Where many advisors advocate glossy business plans, our financial modelling methodology is driven by an iterative facilitated workshop approach to build a ‘bottom up’ financial roadmap for the organisation over the planning horizon.

Once consensus is achieved on the numbers, our business and strategy planning methodologies bring the numbers to life over a multi-year horizon. A well-articulated planning horizon enables a commonly understood ‘flight path’ to success – built upon the critically important foundations of vision, mission, values and behaviours.

private equity

The Edison team is thrilled to announce the launch of our private equity business – Edison Growth Fund. Edison’s natural evolution into private equity reflects a complementary set of skills, capabilities and experience, supported by our networks and connections built across the key industry sectors in which we specialise.

Our extensive experience in strategy, origination, deal making, business development and operation complement the deep entrepreneurial networks we have fostered, affording a unique perspective as investors and partners.

Edison Growth Fund aims to leverage these unique attributes to reimagine the private equity landscape – for the better.

sector expertise

Retail & Consumer

Food & Beverage

Health & Pharmaceutical