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the edison difference

Inspired by a visionary. Driven by a challenge. Fuelled by experience. Our team is as varied as it is similar. United by all things Edison.


We never stop striving. We are analytical and insightful, resourceful and inventive, balanced but decisive, energetic and diligent. We attract some of the most intelligent, shrewd and discerning industry minds which is why we keep raising the bar.


We are professionals, drawn from industry, with entrepreneurial spirit at our core. We speak our minds. We’ve been in the trenches, just like our clients — and our empathy allows us to support them with conviction and a shared sense of purpose.


We do not take for granted the trust our clients place in us. It is a privilege that is hard earned, but easily lost. Our reputation has been built on the outcomes we have achieved for our clients and it is trust that underpins it all.

self development

We pride ourselves on working alongside our clients from a position of knowledge. We understand that continuous education and development is critical. That’s why we never stop learning. We know self development takes many forms and encourage our team to build on their passions and pursue their dreams. Because a well-rounded team with diverse skills enables unique perspectives and innovative solutions.


We are optimistic about our clients because they never cease to amaze us. They are driven. They are passionate. They are dedicated. They are heroic. We treat them with the respect they deserve, because we understand what they’ve been through and we believe in where they’re going.


We are expert planners. But we understand that plans change. We are agile and we roll with the punches.  We pause to regroup and attack things from a different angle. We know each client and situation requires a different approach. Finding better, faster and smarter solutions is ingrained in who we are and what we do.