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Advice and investment for founder-led businesses from those who’ve walked the path and lived to tell the tale.

Need backing on your journey to get your business where you want it to be?

Whether you’re at a strategic juncture, preparing to scale up, planning to sell or looking for investment, our decades of experience, industry insights and extensive networks can help.

Need help to manage growth?

Need help to
manage growth?

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Want to optimise performance?

Want to optimise

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Looking for an investment partner?

Looking for an
investment partner?

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Planning to sell your business?

Planning to sell
your business?

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Considering an

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Ready to experience a new kind of business partnership?

At Edison, we do things differently to get you the best results.

Sector Specialists 

We have deep expertise developed from real-world experience across four key sectors.

Retail &

Draw on our extensive experience and consumer insights to propel your retail business into the future.

Food &

Innovate in the ever-changing Food & Beverage market to ensure your business stands out.

Health &

Take advantage of our knowledge and networks to grow and evolve within this tightly regulated sector.


Make the right strategic decisions at the right time to skyrocket growth in your services business.

We wear the scars of entrepreneurship
proudly. It’s a reminder of who we are and where we have come from. 

Entrepreneurship and business leadership are thrilling journeys. They require boundaries to be challenged every step of the way to create and grow a business and a legacy.

We know, because we’ve walked this same path ourselves. As a team, we  have decades of combined experience in successfully founding, growing and exiting our own businesses. We’re entrepreneurs at heart, with senior executive leadership experience to boost our knowledge and capability.

That’s why we’re so uniquely positioned to partner with privately held and entrepreneur-led businesses. Through leveraging our own deep experience we can both accelerate and de-risk each unique entrepreneurial journey.

Why Choose Us



We are partners in every sense of the word, walking beside you on the journey to growing your business.



We’re in business to add value, and we strive to do that for every client we work with.



We can support you throughout your entire business growth journey.


senior team

We have hands-on experience in growing, leading and selling successful businesses.


How can I get in touch with Edison?
Head over to our Contact page and fill in the form. We’ll be in touch to discuss your unique requirements and the type of support we can best provide for you.

Let’s talk

What does Edison do?

We help founders and leaders to optimise, grow and sell their businesses. Plus, through the Edison Growth Fund, we also invest in businesses that meet certain criteria.

But what we do is less important than how we do it. We develop true partnerships with our clients to get the best possible outcomes. We draw on our own experience as entrepreneurs and business leaders to walk the journey with you, supporting you however you need along every step of the way.

Let’s talk

How can Edison help my business?

If you’re already in a growth phase, we can help you to sustainably scale your growth. Whether you’re entering new markets or scaling up, we can help you to lay the right foundations for success.

Alternatively, if your business is facing challenges (such as competitive or industry pressures, or a strategic juncture), we can help you to optimise performance. We help you to adopt a tailored ‘transformation-as-usual’ approach that improves performance and future-proofs your business.

We can also help you to sell your business when the time is right. We understand your sector, and we know how to communicate your value and your business’s potential to buyers.

Finally, if your business meets certain criteria, we may invest in it through the Edison Growth Fund. We typically take an equity stake of 10-50%, so you can continue to build your business and remain in the driver’s seat.

Let’s talk

Why should I choose to work with Edison?

What differentiates us from other M&A or private equity firms out there is the way we value relationships over transactions. We know that we can only get the best results for you if we work in a true partnership.

Also, when you work with Edison, you’ll always work with and have access to our senior team. We don’t just create a plan and then hand it off to junior staff members to implement. Instead, our senior members do the work with you and are always available to you.

Let’s talk

What kind of business experience do you have?
Access to our unique mix of experience is a huge advantage of choosing Edison. Our senior team members are all founders and entrepreneurs themselves, with senior executive, private equity and venture capital experience.

That means they understand the challenges that businesses and founders face because they’ve been on the journey themselves.

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